The Statesider

In January 2019, I launched The Statesider with my long-time friend and colleague Pam Mandel.

What’s The Statesider? In short, The Statesider is a newsletter that curates the most interesting stories about US travel, American experiences and regional cuisines all in one place.

Even as the US media landscape has consolidated and contracted, there is still a lot of great writing out there on American travel, places, foods, cultures, traditions, festivals, and more. But it’s hard to find. A magazine that thinks you need a $620 Gucci travel wallet, is probably not where to go for interesting storytelling. It’s out there, though, scattered across the internet in places most people aren’t looking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that pulled together in a handy roundup?

The Statesider is a labor of love — we’re having fun with it, and we truly hope it’s something that makes you smile when it lands in your inbox. So please check it out, sign up, tell your friends, and send us great stories when you find them (or write them…)!

Looking for The Statesider? Head right this way.


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